The NSW Government is introducing changes to the way payroll tax is administered in NSW in response to a review led by the NSW Productivity Commissioner. The Review examined administrative arrangements for compliance with the legislation, but not payroll tax rates or thresholds which were outside the scope of the review. A copy of the review report can be found here

The government response to the Report can be found here. The Government has agreed to all the recommendations made by the review, which have been informed by a public consultation process. Implementation of these recommendations will make it easier to do business in NSW by reducing the paperwork for payroll tax compliance and enhancing business productivity. 

Improving the operating environment for NSW businesses is a major focus for the NSW Productivity Commissioner in driving productivity. Suggestions for further improvements to the operating environment can be made through the NSW Productivity Commission website

Calls for submissions

Feedback and submissions were invited on the Review of Payroll Tax Administration consultation guide. Submissions for this consultation have now closed.

A list of submissions received follows:

Last updated: 28/03/2022