Below is an overview of the current Governance in risk management in NSW Treasury.

Financial Management & Accounting Policy (FEFR)

Financial Risk Management (FRM)

  • Identifies and monitors specific risks that are significant to the State’s balance sheet.
  • Provides guidance where risks impact multiple agencies, to ensure a whole of Government (WoG) response to the risk.
  • Develops and implements WoG risk policies.
  • Leads the Investment Oversight Committee and key contributor to the Asset and Liability Committee and Treasury Balance Sheet Committee.

The Chief Risk Officer

  • Provides advice and training on risk and control assessments and implements risk management policies, procedures and systems  in Treasury.
  • Promotes risk management including organisational resilience across the Treasury cluster and the NSW public sector.

Audit and Risk Committee

  • Monitor, review and provide advice on the agency’s governance processes, risk management, internal control frameworks, financial statements and external accountability obligations. 

View the current governance in risk management diagram

Last updated: 04/02/2021