Further information on capital planning issues can be obtained from NSW Treasury by contacting:

Submissions: general capital planning email

Area of Specialisation

[email protected]  

Ziggi Lejins

Capital Strategy

Telephone: (02) 9228 5685
email:  [email protected]

Jacqui Ripamonti

Capital Reporting

Telephone: (02) 9228 4114
email: [email protected]

Sajiv De Silva

Capital Planning & Policy


Telephone: (02) 9228 5116
email: [email protected]

Farid Beshara

Capital Planning & Policy


Telephone: (02) 9228 4703

Email: [email protected]

Giuseppe (Joe) Madaffari

Restart (funding and process)

Telephone: (02) 9228

Email: [email protected]

Other Capital contacts:   



Gateway Reviews:
Treasury Gateway Team


Telephone: N/A
email:  [email protected]

Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework:
Marina Grobbelaar (INSW)


Telephone: (02) 8016 0100

Rami Affan (INSW)

Asset Management Policy

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.infrastructure.nsw.gov.au/expert-advice/asset-management/

Last updated: 06/11/2019