Further information on capital planning policy issues can be obtained from NSW Treasury by contacting:

Submissions: general capital planning email address




Capital planning policy:


Ziggi Lejins

Telephone: (02) 9228 5685
email:  ziggi.lejins@treasury.nsw.gov.au

Paul Tipping

Telephone: (02) 9228 3617
email:  paul.tipping@treasury.nsw.gov.au



CIP data tables and technical support: 


Tatiana Carlisle 

Telephone: (02) 9228 4591
email:  tatiana.carlisle@treasury.nsw.gov.au 



Other Capital contacts:   


Gateway Reviews:
Treasury Gateway Team

Telephone: N/A
email:  gateway@treasury.nsw.gov.au

Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework:
Anissa Levy (INSW)

Telephone: (02) 8016 0111
email:  anissa.levy@infrastructure.nsw.gov.au