The annual report is the key medium by which NSW Public Sector entities discharge their accountability to the Parliament, the Government and the public. It provides an overview of an entity’s activities and financial position relating to the preceding year.

NSW Treasury's Accounting Policy team administers the financial and annual reporting legislation. The information in this section has been developed to provide an Annual Reporting quick reference guide for public entities. It contains links to specific information and legislation.

Annual Reports

View NSW Treasury's Annual Reports

Annual reports legislation

The NSW annual reporting legislation requires all statutory bodies and departments to prepare and present to Parliament an annual report containing both financial and non-financial information on their operational activities.

The following links to annual reporting legislation on the NSW Legislation website will provide specific information and reporting requirements for specific public entities:

Annual Reporting Compliance Checklist

Treasury has developed the Annual Reporting Compliance Checklist to help NSW Public Sector agencies meet their annual reporting obligations. The Checklist refers to particular disclosure requirements where:

  • the agency responsible for that requirement has advised Treasury about that requirement, and
  • all, or a large proportion, of NSW Public Sector agencies are subject to that requirement.

The Checklist does not include annual reporting requirements that target single agencies, small groups of agencies or a particular cluster. View the checklist here.

Annual Reporting Circulars

Treasury circulars relating to Annual Reporting are available in our documents library

Changes to annual reporting requirements

Information in the following links detail periodic changes to annual reporting requirements:

Annual reporting contacts

For information on Annual Reporting legislation contact Treasury’s Accounting Policy Branch: [email protected].

For Accounting Policy information, please go to the accounting policy section.

Last updated: 05/09/2022