The GIPA Act 2009 requires NSW government agencies to make certain types of government information publicly available, unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure. This information is called "open access information".

Section 18 of the GIPA Act and section 5(2) of the GIPA Regulation identifies ten types of open access information that government agencies are required to make available to the public.  

Our Agency Information Guide describes:

  • our functions and structure
  • how our functions affect members of the public
  • how members of the public can participate in the formulation of Treasury policy
  • the types of government information we hold
  • the types of information that we make available to the public, and how
  • the fees and charges that will need to be paid to access different types of information

Our Policy Documents guide our decisions, actions, and procedures in fulfilling our public functions. NSW Treasury Policy Documents are located in the document library.

A disclosure log is a record containing details of government information already released under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). A disclosure log is part of the open access information that agencies are required to make available and is a requirement under Section 25 of the GIPA Act.  

NSW Treasury has determined that the information referred to in its disclosure log may be of interest to other members of the public.  

Please note that the disclosure log lists the information requested at the time and may not be the most up-to-date version of the information.

For access to any of the information listed in the disclosure log below, please contact the Information Access and Governance Unit.

E: [email protected]

NSW Treasury Disclosure Log

Updated: 21st March 2024

Reference number

Date application decided

Description of information released

T24/00477 26/03/2024 Use of electric vehicles
T23/02419 22/12/2023 Ministerial briefs and attachments 
T23/01948 16/11/2023 A list of Ministerial briefs 
T23/01672 24/08/2023 Home Decarbonisation project
T23/00879 5/07/2023 Cemeteries in NSW
T23/00292 31/03/2023 Gas projects in NSW
T22-02847 21/12/2022 Various Consultancy Reports
T22-02754 16/12/2022 Payroll Tax requirements for General Practitioners
TA22-01831 5/09/2022 Rural Fire Service Assets
T22-01060 30/06/2022 Documents on shortage of childcare places
T22-01453 29/06/2022 Electorate Reports for NSW Budget 2022-23
T22-01090 23/06/2022 Documents on NSW Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
T22-00852 9/06/2022 Tollway Costs
T22-00825 16/05/2022 List of Board Members
T22-00915 11/05/2022 NSW Renewable Energy Sector Board Plan
T22-00601 2/05/2022 (further decision on 13 July 2022) Documents on flood support
P21/4613 23/03/2022 Correspondence between NSW Treasury and TfNSW
P22/246 11/03/2022 Compensation or funding paid by NSW Treasury 
P21/3866 10/12/2021 Summer Holiday Stock Guarantee and Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate
P21/3096 10/12/2021 Contract awarded to McGrathNichol Advisory Service Provider (CAN ID: A4936146)
P21/3664 3/12/2021 Macroeconomic analysis of economic cost of lockdown
P21/3698 20/10/2021 Credit card statements of the Secretary of NSW Treasury
P21/3093 18/10/2021 Deloitte Touche Contract Award (CAN ID: TSY-CAN12032021)
P21/2338 29/09/2021 Wage Subsidy Program
P21/2431 27/09/2021 Office Equipment for work-from-home arrangements and Credit Cards from Treasury
P21/1930 14/07/2021 NSW Electorate Reports for the 2020-2021 FY
P21/1138 7/06/2021 Deferral of negative CPI adjustment
P21/798 7/05/2021 Fitch Contract RFT-10033111
P21/547 26/03/2021 Skilled Migration Program 491 Contract
P21/128 8/3/2021 Contamination Study Baywater Power Station
P21/95 3/03/2021 Regional Skilled Migration Visa (491)
P20/3360 2/02/2021 Economics Consultancy for Infrastructure Contribution Review
P20/1938 2/02/2021 Funding or cost of Wyangala dam expansion between 1 July 2019 and 31 July 2020
P20/3352 28/01/2021 Documents relating to Tax Reform Project
P20/3351 16/12/2020 NSW Electorate Reports for the 2018 to 2021 FY
P20/2832  2/12/2020 Meriton’s planning proposal for Little Bay Cove
P20/2804 2/12/2020 NSW Electorate Reports for the 2011 to 2017 FY
P20/2470 22/10/2020 Report by Environmental Resource Management: Stage 2 Environmental Site Assessment for Wallerawang Power Station Information between 1 January 2008 to 1 January 2017
P20/2113 16/10/2020 Correspondence communication about the University of New England regarding funding between 1 January 2020 and 28 August 2020
P20/1908 21/09/2020 Whole of Government Waste Management and Resource Recovery Contract
P20/1691 16/09/2020 Documents about the property market in NSW between 1 December 2019 to 17 July 2020
P20/1326 12/08/2020 Information about the decision to defer gaming machine tax and keno duty (Timeframe: 1 March 2020 to 1 June 2020)
P20/1124 20/07/2020 Projects covered by the bushfire recovery fund
P20/963 02/07/2020

Information about state funded quarantine

P20/957 01/07/2020 Documents relating to the Government wage freeze
(Timeframe: 1 April to 5 May 2020)
P20/428 07/04/2020 The Report of Jobs for NSW, Market Opportunity Analysis Financing for SMEs in NSW, 20 September 2017
P20/369 26/03/2020 The Report of the Cruise Industry Reference Group October 2017
P20/197 16/03/2020 All records created in preparation for, during, arising out of, or relating to various meetings the Treasurer attended, including Stockland, Melbourne Business School, Ausgrid, Seek Limited, The Star Entertainment Group and Far East Consortium.
P20/54 2/03/2020 The number and value of contracts awarded by or for the Office of Small Business Commissioner
P19/2939 26/02/2020 All documentation relate to the Procurement and Deployment for VMS RFT 10009751
P20/7 17/02/2020 All documentation relating to the Procurement Strategy for C0010 RFT
P20/53 17/02/2020 The number of Business Connect Advisors the Department currently engages
P20/14 14/02/2020 Reports outlines in the Annual Report 2018-19 (Tourism Infrastructure Strategy, Western Sydney Investment Attraction Strategy, NSW Investment Proposition, Agritourism Research Services)
P20/25 10/02/2020 The number of firms currently granted prequalified status
P19/2938 28/01/2020 Any documents or reports relating to the Faster Payment Terms Policy
p19/2758 15/01/2020 All documentation relating to Hot desking
P19/2470 6/12/2019 Documents relating to the Procurement Strategy for VMS RFT 10009751
P19/2656 2/12/2019 State Development Comparisons Report by Mecone
P19/2340 28/11/2019 Correspondence about the proposed location of Home Strait
P19/2358 22/11/2019 Documents relating to the Lake Macquarie Smelter Site
P19/2156 22/10/2019 Summary of government spending on consultants
Documents relating to the management of Eraring, Vales Point, Liddell, Bayswater and Mt. Piper coal ash dams
P19/1840 26/09/2019 Correspondence between Electro Optic Systems and Defence NSW
P19/1823 11/09/2019 Two tenders from Clexan Peak Personnel Pty Ltd
P19/1545 20/08/2019 The Regional Commitment Guarantee entered into by Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd
P19/941 06/08/2019 Documents relating to NSW Treasury’s review of the NSW Oppositions stadium policy costing
P19/1534 02/08/2019 The final report on the Project Bank Accounts trial on government projects
P19/1457 31/07/2019 Information relating to legal advice on the appointment of John Brogden as CEO of Landcom
P19/987 10/07/2019 Information relating to the 66kV transmission line from Port Kembla to Oakdale via Maldon
P19/521 10/05/2019 Correspondence and briefs relating to Vales Point Power Station
P18/5272 28/02/2019 Information relating to NSW government projects that have been awarded to Acciona
P19/237 18/02/2019 Information regarding the National Partnership for Regulatory Reform.
P18/5371 25/01/2019 Advice regarding the impact of migration rates on the NSW economy from the period 1 June 2018 to 10 October 2018.
P18/5230 19/12/2018 Information relating to the cost of obesity; including an obesity tax.
P18/4601 20/11/2018 Emails relating to the Treasurers visit to Wollongong on the 22 Aug 2018
P18/3148 16/08/2018 Rental and lease information regarding the NSW Treasury Office space
P18/1309 17/05/2018 Documents relating to the partial sale of the Sydney Motorway Corporation regarding expenditure, staffing and assets 
P18/1276 15/05/2018 Documents relating to the analysis on the number of empty properties in Sydney
P18/831 15/05/2018 Material relating to analysis of the impacts of real estate transfer duty on the state economy
P18/912 15/05/2018 Material relating to the contracts awarded to Newgate Communications and Turner and Townsend regarding the partial sale of the Sydney Motorway Corporation
P18/1275 27/04/2018 Documents relating to the total amount of money in, and added to, the Proceeds of Crime Special Deposit Account
P18/840 27/04/2018 Material showing the past, present & future superannuation liabilities of public servants and options regarding those liabilities
P17/5578 19/12/2017 Correspondence with Industrial Relations concerning the decision of the compliance unit dated 25 September 2017 
P17/5291 28/11/2017 Information regarding the expenditure of the Commissioning and Contestability unit
P17/5114 14/11/2017 Briefs in relation to problems/issues with the Financial Management Transformation Program
P17/3300 10/11/2017 Information from 1995 to 1999  regarding electricity privatisation or electricity reform
P17/4175 9/11/2017 Forecasts on total borrowings/debt and net debt
P17/4914 3/11/2017 Information regarding market research conducted on the Fire and Emergency Services Levy
P17/4231 30/10/2017 Briefs in relation to the impact of onshore gas and uranium mining on GST
P17/4528 10/10/2017 Information provided by Sydney Motorway Corporation to NSW Treasury under the Commercial Policy Framework
P17/4557 10/10/2017 Information in relation to CBD South East Light Rail – Follow up to GIPA Application – P17/1907
P17/4217 27/09/2017 Briefs that mention privatisation and / or commercialisation
P17/4334 20/09/2017 Information regarding income and / or wealth inequality in NSW
P17/4176 19/09/2017 Information regarding risks to NSW Triple-A credit rating
P17/4409 18/09/2017 Information regarding number of Treasury employees who work in a media and / or marketing role
P17/4165 14/09/2017 Information regarding legal costs incurred by the electricity networks in challenging the Australian Energy Regulator 2015 Determination
P17/3438 01/09/2017 Briefs regarding the Fire and Emergency Services Levy
P16/2281 28/08/2017 Information regarding infrastructure major works valued at $1 billion or greater
P17/3439 24/08/2017 Information regarding the abolition of stamp duty imposed on crop and stock insurances
P17/1907 11/08/2017 Information regarding the CBD South East Light Rail project
P17/3490 07/08/2017 Information regarding issues in relation to the use of PRIME
P17/3066 01/08/2017 Information regarding the Commissioning and Contestability Unit
P17/3246 13/07/2017 Information regarding the Glenn Stevens Housing Affordability Report
P16/6459 13/07/2017 Quarterly reports for Sydney Water; Essential Energy; Landcom; Water NSW and the Forestry Corporation
P17/3436 21/07/2017 NSW Budget Electorate Reports
P17/3137 21/07/2017 Information regarding total costs incurred by the NSW Government in undertaking changes to the Fire and Emergency Services Levy.
P17/2275 31/05/2017 Information regarding the impact of housing approvals and building constructions on housing prices.
P17/1603 19/05/2017 Information regarding the impact of any interest rate or possible interest rate rises on the residential property sector.
P17/1127 01/05/2017 Briefing material regarding negative gearing
P17/709 20/03/2017 Information regarding the role of the NSW Treasury



Information on the Fiscal Effectiveness Office including its creation; role; how it works with agencies; and its role reporting on the progress of savings.



Briefing material regarding increasing the GST rate.



Information relating to the Turnbull Federal Government’s proposed changes to Health and the anticipated impact on NSW



WSN Environmental Solutions’ submission regarding the Jacks Gully Integrated Resource Recovery Facility



Information regarding medium-term fiscal impacts of asset recycling strategy.



Information provided to the NSW Government by TransUrban, to support its proposal for the NorthConnex tunnel project.



Information relating to changes to Federal Government’s national health funding.



Underlying data behind charts 1.1 & 5.6 in 2014-15 Budget Paper 2.

We must record and publish certain information about contracts entered into with private sector organisations that have a contract value of $150,000 or more.  We upload all relevant contract details on to the Contract Notices section of the NSW eTendering website.  To search for our contract details click on NSW eTendering site.

Details of each contract must be entered into the register within 45 working days of coming into effect, and must remain on the register for 30 days or until the contract is complete, whichever is longer.

For documents tabled in Parliament about the NSW Treasury (other than documents tabled in response to a parliamentary order), please go to the NSW Parliamentary website. The documents library in this website includes Treasury Annual Reports that have been tabled in Parliament.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 NSW requires all agencies to make available, free of charge on their websites, their “open access information”.

However, there is an overriding obligation under the Act not to publish any specific “open access information” if there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of that particular information.

Whenever NSW Treasury decides that particular “open access information” should not be publicly available, a record of the decision is made.

NSW Treasury has not made a decision that there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of any of its open access information. Should such a decision be made it will be recorded here.

For a list of our major assets (other than land holdings), go to the recent copy of our Annual Report in the documents library.

For a list of the properties that we disposed of in last financial year, go to the recent copy of our Annual Report in the documents library.

Go to the most recent copy of NSW Treasury’s Guarantee of Service.

Mandatory open access to government information under the GIPA Act 2009:

  • ensures NSW government agencies push information into the public domain
  • provides you and other members of the public with immediate access to government information
  • promotes consistent and transparent information-sharing practices across NSW government agencies

All open access information is available free of charge on an agency’s website. If this imposes an unreasonable cost on the agency, the agency can charge a fee but it must provide an alternative method of access that is free of charge. In other words, we will only charge you a fee to access open access information when the open access information is available for free in at least one other form.

Yes. In some circumstances, we may partially or fully withhold open access information because, on balance, it would be contrary to the public interest to make the information openly accessible. If we withhold open access information for this reason, we make it known on our website in our Record of Open Access Information Not Publicly Available which is listed above.

Browsing or searching our website is the most effective means of finding open access information. In addition to the links on this page, you can go to the documents library.

If you believe some open access information is not being made available on our website, contact the Information Access and Governance Unit by sending an email to [email protected].

Last updated: 09/07/2024