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TPG24-01 Management of NSW Government Payments

This Treasury Policy and Guidelines sets out GSF agency requirements for the State to achieve payment reform outcomes for:

  1. receiving payments from citizens and businesses,
  2. making payments to citizens, businesses, and suppliers and,
  3. additional supplier payments.
Category: Treasury Policy and Guidelines (TPG) Topic: Commercial Policy Date: 31 January 2024 Status: Current

2022-23 NSW Report on State Finances

The 2022-23 New South Wales Report on State Finances includes:

  • an overview of the financial performance and position of the General Government and Total State Sectors for 2022-23
  • the audited Consolidated Financial Statements of the General Government and Total State Sectors for 2022-23, including a full set of note disclosures required by Australian Accounting Standards
  • the Outcomes Report on Government Finances for the general government sector, public non-financial corporations sector, public financial corporations sector and the non-financial public sector for 2022-23, prepared in accordance with the Uniform Presentation Framework adopted by all Australian governments.

Also available on the NSW Parliament website.

Category: Financial Reports Topic: Reporting Date: 22 January 2024 Status: Current

TPG23-23 Funding for Redundancy Payments

This document outlines the requirements to access funding arrangements for redundancy payments that are available to assist agencies to meet the one-off costs associated with redundancies.

This document incorporates references and requirements relating to other policy instruments, including the Premier’s Memorandum M2023-06 NSW Government Sector Workforce Mobility Placement Policy and Premier’s Memorandum M2011-11 Changes to the Management of Excess Employees (M2011-11).

Category: Treasury Policy and Guidelines (TPG) Topic: Date: 22 December 2023 Status: Current

Last updated: 28/02/2022