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Appendix 4 Public Private Partnership Assessment Framework

This document provides guidance to Responsible Agencies for completing an initial, high-level, qualitative assessment to determine whether a capital project is potentially suitable for a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Defined terms are consistent with those used in the NSW Public Private Partnership Policy and Guidelines (TPG22-21).

Category: General Topic: Commercial Policy Date: 01 October 2022 Status: Current

TPG22-21 NSW Public Private Partnership Policy and Guidelines

These Guidelines demonstrate the NSW Government’s:

  • Recognition of the benefits of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach as an effective delivery model in the appropriate circumstances
  • Commitment to the proactive assessment of the potential use of various PPP models early in procurement processes; and
  • Commitment to maximise beneficial outcomes to Government and taxpayers through engaging with the private sector in the delivery of service enabling infrastructure.
Category: Treasury Policy and Guidelines (TPG) Topic: Commercial Policy Date: 01 October 2022 Status: Current

TPG22-28 Returns on Equity Investment

This guidance applies to the treatment of contributions from the General Government Sector (GGS) to State Owned Corporations (SOCs) for the purposes of:

  • Preparing the budget papers and budget aggregates
  • Preparing the Annual Consolidated State Financial Statements under s7.17 of the Government Sector Finance Act 2018 (GSF Act).
Category: Treasury Policy and Guidelines (TPG) Topic: Financial Management, Government Sector Finance Act 2018, Accounting Policy Date: 06 September 2022 Status: Current

TPP21-14 NSW Government Financial Risk Management Policy Attestation Statement

Government Entities are asked to attest that the Government Entity was either ‘compliant’, ‘non-compliant’ or ‘in transition’ for the relevant reporting period in relation to the core requirements of TPP21-14.

Government Entities must use this document to attest for the 2021-2022 financial year.

Once completed, please return to [email protected].

Category: General Topic: Financial Management Date: 06 September 2022 Status: Current

TRP22-26 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2018/19 - 2021/22

This paper contains summaries of major tax initiatives for Australian states and territories, updating the Interstate Comparison of Taxes series with four years of interstate tax measures for the period covering FY2018-19 to FY2021-22.

Category: Research & Information Topic: Reporting Date: 01 September 2022 Status: Current

TC22-14 Commonwealth - NSW Funding Agreements

This Treasury Circular provides information for NSW Ministers and agencies on processes for negotiating and approval to enter into new or extended funding agreements with the Commonwealth. This Circular replaces the former Premiers Memorandum M2011-19 NSW Protocol for the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations.

Category: Treasury Circulars (TC) Topic: Financial Arrangements Date: 30 August 2022 Status: Current

TRP22-18 Property Tax Reform and Home Ownership

This paper examines the potential increase in home ownership that could arise if the NSW Government replaced stamp duty and the existing land tax with a broad-based property tax levied on unimproved land values. 

Category: Research & Information Topic: Economic and Financial Appraisal Date: 29 July 2022 Status: Current

Independent assessment of NSW Treasury’s processes in relation to the preparation of the 2021 State Financial Statements

On 10 February 2022, the NSW Treasury Secretary indicated to the NSW Public Accountability Committee that he would commission an independent assessment (the Assessment) of Treasury’s processes for the preparation of the 2021 State Financial Statements as they relate to the specific matters raised by the Auditor General in Chapter 3 of her Report on State Finances 2021.

In March 2022, former Commonwealth departmental secretary and Public Service Commissioner, Mr Stephen Sedgwick AO, was appointed to conduct the Assessment. Mr Sedgwick provided his Assessment report to Treasury on 30 June 2022. The report contains 11 recommendations, which Treasury has accepted.

Category: General Topic: Reporting Date: 28 July 2022 Status: Current

Review of the Point of Consumption Tax - Final Report

On 1 January 2019, the NSW Government introduced the Point of Consumption (PoC) tax. At the time of implementation, the NSW Government announced that the NSW Treasury would undertake a Review of the PoC tax (‘the Review’) after 18 months of operation.

This Final Report of the Review summarises the stakeholder views presented in the submissions and stakeholder discussions and draws on other data and information provided by NSW Government agencies while conducting the review.

Category: General Topic: Reporting Date: 14 July 2022 Status: Current

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