Dr Paul Grimes PSM, NSW Treasury Secretary

Dr Paul Grimes PSM


Dr Paul Grimes was appointed Secretary of the NSW Treasury in January 2022. The Treasury Cluster includes NSW Treasury, NSW Procurement, NSW Productivity Commission, NSW Treasury Corporation, iCare (Insurance & Care NSW) , SAS Trustee Corporation and Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC). As Secretary, Dr Grimes is responsible for strategic management of the entirety of the State’s finances, budget, assets, liabilities and financial risk management framework and transformation.

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San Midha, Deputy Secretary for the Policy & Budget Group in NSW Treasury

San Midha

Deputy Secretary, Policy and Budget Group

San Midha joined NSW Treasury in May 2016 and is the Deputy Secretary for the Policy & Budget Group (P&B). San’s Group is the primary manager of Treasury’s relationship with government agencies. The Group works collaboratively with agencies to ensure provision of high-quality advice on financial management, policy reform and resource allocation. This also includes delivery of the annual Budget, Half-Yearly Review and provision of advice on agency policy and budget matters to Cabinet and sub-committees including the Expenditure Review Committee and the Cabinet Infrastructure Committee.

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Sonya is the Acting Deputy Secretary, Commercial and Procurement

Sonya Campbell

Deputy Secretary, Commercial

Sonya is the Deputy Secretary, Commercial. Prior to this role, Sonya was the Executive Director and Head of the Infrastructure and Structured Finance Unit at NSW Treasury. Sonya joined NSW Treasury in September 2018 following an extensive career in the private sector specialising in PPP and major project procurement.  

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Joann Wilkie, Deputy Secretary of Economic Strategy and Productivity

Joann Wilkie

Deputy Secretary, Economic Strategy and Productivity

Joann Wilkie joined NSW Treasury in February 2019 as Deputy Secretary for the Economic Strategy & Productivity Group. In this role, she leads the delivery of economic and revenue forecasting; provision of advice on economic policy and reform, including on productivity; and engagement with Commonwealth, State and Territories on key national reforms and issues. The NSW Small Business Commissioner and NSW Productivity Commissioner are also anchored in the Economic Strategy and Productivity Group. 

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Rachel Parry, Deputy Secretary, Office of Energy and Climate Change

Rachel Parry

Deputy Secretary, Office of Energy and Climate Change

Rachel Parry joined New South Wales Government as a Deputy Secretary in November 2021. She currently leads the policy and programs across Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability within Treasury’s Office of Energy and Climate Change. This group is responsible for delivering the suite of government policies related to achieving Net Zero and its ambitious energy reform agenda.

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Last updated: 04/10/2022