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The Capital Planning Process (CPP) is a cyclical process that takes place annually alongside the annual State Budget process.  Capital planning (formerly known as Total Asset Management) is a strategic approach to physical asset planning. This approach involves an agency aligning its 10-year asset planning with its service delivery priorities and strategies, all in the limits of available resources. This approach allows us to achieve better planning and management of the State’s physical assets, both existing and planned.

Capital planning includes the provision of Capital Investment Plans (CIPs) at the agency, cluster and whole of government level. CIPs provide us with a summary of the total capital investment commitments and intentions over a 10-year time frame.

Capital planning includes a suite of policies to provide robust asset management over Government investment decisions in New South Wales. This includes the Business Case Guidelines, the Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework (IIAF) requirements, ICT Assurance Framework (IAF) requirements, Gateway policy and Asset Management Policy.

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Capital planning submissions

Capital Investment Plans (CIP)

The CIP data submission comprises Emerging Project, Budget Proposal and existing Capital Projects provided through the State financial management system (Prime). This information is used to prepare agency, cluster and whole of government level CIPs, which provide a summary of the total capital investment commitments and intentions over a 10-year time frame.


Asset Management Policy (TPP19-07)

The Government has approved a new asset management policy (TPP 19-07) which aims to drive better asset management through strengthening accountability, performance and capability across the public sector.  The policy will reflect the Government's objective to achieve a consistent and improved approach to asset planning and delivery that is underpinned by the consideration of asset lifecycle costs, performance, risk and economic modelling to support the strategic priorities of the NSW Government.

The new policy published on this page is to replace the previous Total Asset Management policy. The requirements under TPP 19-07 replaces the previous requirements for agencies to submit Asset Strategy documents and Asset Utilisation Recycling Plans. The Asset Management Policy now requires agencies to submit fit-for-purpose Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP), an agency-level Asset Management Policy, Asset Management Plans (AMPs) and an Asset Register.

All Budget Material Agencies (as listed in NSW Budget Paper No. 1), except for state-owned corporations and public financial corporations, are considered within the scope of the policy and are required to adopt the core requirements.

Where agencies are grouped together to form a Cluster, the lead agency, in addition to their individual requirements, is expected to ensure their Asset Management Framework is consistent across the Cluster.

Agencies should contact either their relevant NSW Treasury analyst for guidance or email Infrastructure NSW on [email protected].


Restart NSW

Restart NSW is a fund dedicated to delivering vital infrastructure projects like public transport, road improvements to reduce congestion, and freight and hospital upgrades for NSW, with 30 per cent of funds reserved for projects in regional areas.   

All projects to be funded by Restart NSW will be considered as part of a detailed five-year Infrastructure Plan and 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy, with Infrastructure NSW to make recommendations as to which projects will be funded.


Capital planning key contacts

Further information on capital planning issues can be obtained from NSW Treasury by contacting:



Area of Specialisation

Contact details

Treasury Infrastructure Team

Capital Planning and Policy

Email: [email protected]

Treasury Restart NSW Team

Restart NSW Fund

Email: [email protected]

Treasury Gateway Team

Gateway Reviews

Email: [email protected]         

Infrastructure NSW Asset Management Policy Assurance Team

Asset Management Policy Assurance

Email: [email protected]

Asset Management Policy website

Last updated: 27/04/2022