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Prime is the Information Technology (IT) solution component of the FMT program, replacing a number of historical systems. Prime consolidates functions within a single platform, for use by all agencies in the Government.

Features of Prime include:

  • program-based reporting for meaningful management and performance information to support resource and investment decisions
  • improved efficiency through automated operating processes
  • a single source of public sector financial and performance management information.

A crucial benefit of Prime is the ability to derive much more current information on the state’s finances than previously available. This information will support the Government as it makes financial decisions that impact the state for years to come.


Access to Prime

Prime is the NSW Government platform used by Government Agencies to submit data for budget, performance monitoring and reporting.

To get access to Prime you must: 

  • be employed by the State
  • have a NSW Government email address
  • have a GEN ID (Government Employee Number)
  • have confirmed by your manager that using Prime is a requirement of your job.

Log in details on how to access Prime will be communicated to you once you have gained access. 

Upon submission of the Authorised Requestor form, you will be assigned e-learning modules based on your role. You must complete the assigned modules to receive Prime access. 

To learn more about Prime you can access the Prime Service Desk, a Knowledge Base where training materials are available and will be accessible at the same time as Prime access is granted – including webinars, presentation packs, quick reference guides and simulations. You will receive email notifications when Prime Training (instructor led training) is scheduled.


Identity Hub

The NSW Government Identity Hub service (ID Hub) has closed and all applications currently accessed via ID Hub (including Prime) have been migrated to a new service called OKTA.

This transition is part of Treasury’s continuous efforts to improve the level of service provided to Government agencies.

Below is the new OKTA link to access Prime:

Please replace any previously stored ID Hub bookmarks or favourites with this OKTA URL.



  • For inquiries about your GEN ID contact your HR officer in your agency 
  • If you are an Agency or Commercial Entity User, liaise with your Authorised Requestor, reach out to your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Prime access. Your SPOC is your Cluster contact for all things related to Prime. Alternatively, click the Contact Us button then Prime Enquiry to be sent the Authorised Requestor list by the team.
  • If you are a Treasury User contact your manager to complete the Access form in the Prime Service Desk.
  • To raise Prime related issues please continue using the Prime Support Portal or calling the Prime Service Desk on 1300 679 419
  • To request, modify or disable Prime access please contact a Prime Authorised Requestor listed on the KnowledgeBase (KB0000465)
  • Click here to access the Prime user guide

Last updated: 15/06/2023