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An independent review will look to make toll roads simpler and fairer across Sydney's motorway network.

The Toll Review will ensure consistency, fairness and equitability of toll road pricing, while ensuring our road network remains efficient and we meet our emissions reductions targets.

The independent review will be led by Professor Allan Fels AO, former chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, and Dr David Cousins AM, former Chair of the Prices Surveillance Authority and Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The discussion paper, released in June, helped to inform the public hearings that took place in July. The public consultation findings will be released in August. An interim Recommendations Report is expected to be released at the end of the year, with the final Recommendations Report upholding an estimated release of July 2024.

Public consultation

The review allocated three days for public consultation across Sydney, where there was an opportunity for people and organisations to directly put their views to Prof Fels and Dr Cousins. 

The consultations were informal in nature, serving as a space where the public assisted Prof Fels and Dr Cousins in identifying and understanding their issues or concerns with the current tolling systems.

Persons and organisations that wished to provide information and views without physical attendance were referred to the Have Your Say portal to lodge their feedback, opinions and comments online to be considered by the Reviews. The submission forms closed on Friday 28 July, 2023. More than 1100 submissions have been received by the Review and will be considered in the reports put to Government.

The following documents provide an overview of the public consultation activities undertaken during this period. The summary report highlights the key themes and issues raised by the community and stakeholders and explains the next steps in the Review.

The Review is committed to continued engagement with the community and encourage any further feedback to be sent to [email protected]

Terms of Reference

The review will examine the basis for setting motorway tolls in Sydney and the impact of toll relief measures.

Specifically, the review will consider the appropriate structure and level of tolls for the future having regard to their efficiency, fairness, simplicity and transparency, the historical concession agreements with providers, and the interface with all modes of transport.

For more information on the scope of the review, read the Terms of Reference

Discussion Paper

This discussion paper has been prepared to provide background information and assistance for members of the public and organisations wishing to participate in the Independent Toll Review being led by Prof Allan Fels AO and Dr David Cousins AM.

It provides more information and context around the specific areas of tolling the review will be looking at, as well as questions for discussion and information on the public hearings and submissions process.

Read the Discussion Paper.

Summary of work completed prior to election of the Minns Labor Government

This report provides a high-level summary of prior work done during 2022 by Treasury and Transport for NSW to assess options to reform the NSW toll road network.

This report is not indicative of recommendations that may be presented to the NSW Government following the new Independent Toll Review, which commenced in April 2023, and does not represent approved policy directions of the former or current NSW Government.

Read the Summary Report.

Last updated: 29/09/2023