New South Wales is made up of a diverse community. It is crucial that NSW Treasury reflects that diversity in its leaders, staff and networks, giving us a deeper understanding of the communities we serve and enabling us to deliver better outcomes.

Research shows that by valuing workplace inclusion and diversity we see improved organisational performance, employee engagement, attraction and retention of talent and customer service.

The NSW Treasury is committed to creating an environment where every person can achieve their full potential and access the same opportunities for choice, inclusion and achievement.

In the line with the Premier’s priorities, this includes parity for women in leadership, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with a disability.

NSW Treasury is also committed to ensuring our workforce and organisational practices are inclusive for everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, generation, work status, and sexual orientation.

In connection with our values and strategic goals, we also advocate diversity of thought through bold and innovative thinking.


Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The primary goal of NSW Treasury’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy is to enhance inclusivity, valuing everyone’s contribution to improving the lives of the people of NSW.  

We aim to do this through fostering a sense of belonging and diversity of thought at NSW Treasury. That means all employees have equal opportunity, we reflect the community we serve and employees feel that they can bring their full selves to work. 

A Diversity and Inclusion Community, led by NSW Treasury employees, has been established to drive Diversity and Inclusion activity in NSW Treasury. The Community acts as the promotion, consultation and accountability arm of Diversity and Inclusion in our workplace.

There are six work streams that sit within NSW Treasury’s Diversity and Inclusion Community:


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation

At NSW Treasury it is our responsibility to ensure we represent the communities we serve, including the unique and integral contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make to the community and economy.

We recognise that genuine and sustainable action towards reconciliation will require the ongoing commitment and dedication of our senior leaders, networks and staff.

To view our Reconciliation Action Plan recently endorsed by Reconciliation Australia please click here.  


Gender Equality

Gender equality is a key component of Treasury’s commitment to being World Class. We are continually working to identify and overcome barriers that might be getting in the way of parity for women across the workforce.

This includes a commitment to flexible working, support for working parents and educational resources and courses to address unconscious bias in the workplace.


Disability Employment and Inclusion

We are supporting the NSW Government’s commitment to remove systemic and attitudinal barriers for people with disability and foster a more accessible and inclusive community.

We support the NSW Premier’s priority: ensuring 5.6 percent of government sector roles are held by people with a disability by 2025.

Australian Network on Disability Bronze Member logo


Treasury Pride

The Treasury Pride Stream aims to create a safe and respectful work environment in which all staff members can be their whole selves.

We are mindful that we’re not just connecting with members of the LGBTIQA+ community, but also their allies, to ensure NSW Treasury is an inclusive and safe place to work. 


Inclusion Culture

Inclusion is about creating a workplace where individuals can feel free, comfortable and safe to be who they are, and where the diversity that a person brings to a workplace, team or organisation is not only accepted but celebrated and seen as an asset.

Through personal development opportunities and partnerships with organisations who advocate for inclusivity, we are cultivating an inclusive mindset across NSW Treasury — to build awareness of the link between inclusion and productivity, and deliver initiatives to help people connect and value different perspectives


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

The NSW Treasury’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) stream promotes the inclusion of CALD people and perspectives in our organisation’s culture, systems and leadership.

It was born of an appreciation that NSW Treasury has a social imperative to reflect the community it serves. Equally, we can appreciate the links between harnessing cultural diversity and driving prosperity, for example through international trade, capital inflows and mobility of people.


Last updated: 20/07/2021