Search for and subscribe to the following Administrative Requirements using the portal below

  • Premier's Memorandums
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet Circulars
  • NSW Treasurer's Directions
  • NSW Treasury Circulars
  • NSW Treasury Policy and Guidelines Papers
  • NSW Industrial Relations Circulars
  • NSW Industrial Relations Policy and Guidelines Papers
  • Department of Finance, Services and Innovation Circulars
  • NSW Procurement Board Directions
  • Public Service Commissioner Directions
  • Government Sector Employment Rules
  • Public Service Commissioner Circulars
  • State Records Authority Standards
  • State Records Authority General Retention & Disposal Authority

How to use the searches

Two search options are available – keyword for NSW Treasury documents and advanced search to include other agencies and options.

The keyword search will return only NSW Treasury document results.

To search more widely and include other agencies, click on the Advanced search and then click on the boxes in the specific dropdown filter options - document type; creator (agency); status; topic.

Subscribe to Administrative Requirements

You can subscribe to receive email alerts about Administrative Requirements by entering your email in the Subscriptions tab below. You can select the specific document types, creators, status and topics. You can subscribe to as many filters as you like.


Last updated: 11/12/2023