The NSW Treasurer will release the next Intergenerational Report (IGR) in 2021.

The IGR is a key strategic document which will support NSW Government policy development in response to the complex risks and opportunities facing the State over the coming 40 years. The IGR projects long-run demographic, workforce and housing trends, giving insight into the likely pressures facing the State’s economic and fiscal position over the long term.

In the lead-up to the 2021 IGR, Treasury is releasing a series of technical research papers to unpack the key drivers of long-term economic growth and the fiscal outlook. This is the first such paper, updating Treasury’s participation rate projections and modelling methodology to provide insight into a possible source of drag on future economic growth.

The NSW participation rate is expected to structurally decline over the next 40 years. This reflects population ageing and the lower propensity of older cohorts to participate in work, despite a projected growing share of older people remaining in the workforce.

More technical research papers related to the Intergeneration Report (IGR) can be found here.