The GSF Act contains provisions relating to the financial management and administration of the NSW Government sector. The following guidance will provide you with the information and links to build your understanding of how the reform affects your role within your agency or cluster.

Current status of Treasurer’s directions

Previous Treasurer’s Directions issued under the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 (“Gold Book”) have been repealed and are no longer enforced, with the exception of section 469 of the Gold Book: 

  • TD under 92.2:
    • Sale of Lease of Government Assets
    • Basis of Transfer of Realty between Government Authorities
    • Disposition of the Proceeds and Use of Funds Retained by Authorities, and 
  • TD under 89.1:
    • Basis of Settlement for Inter-departmental Transfers of Realty

These were not repealed because of a lack of other clear government policy in the area. They remain in force and should be followed as government policy. They can be found in the Treasurer's Directions section of the Document library on the NSW Treasury website.

Last updated: 12/04/2021