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Key to our role as financial managers, is how we ensure the NSW economy grows and provides an improved standard of living for our citizens in coming decades. 

NSW’s Chief Economist Stephen Walters has prepared the NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint: Investing in the State’s Future to set the direction for our continued success in a changing world and expanding global economy. 

The Blueprint, launched by the Treasurer on 20 November 2019, identifies challenges and risks and highlights major opportunities for the NSW Government to grow industries, innovate and improve our economy. 

The dynamic report was prepared in consultation with an extensive network of stakeholders and outlines a range of key aspirations for NSW to reach by 2040: 

  1. The nation’s first trillion-dollar economy
  2. Healthy, productive people
  3. Liveable and connected cities
  4. Productive, vibrant regions
  5. Innovative and world class businesses
  6. A sustainable environment with reliable and affordable energy
  7. Enhanced performance of government

Download to view NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint: Investing in the State’s Future

NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint

NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint

Last updated: 11/03/2024