Outcome Budgeting is one of the NSW Government’s key tools to enable evidence-based, outcome-focused investment decisions and business planning across the sector.

The Outcome Budgeting framework ensures that public resources are allocated strategically in line with the NSW Government’s priorities to achieve tangible outcomes within the capacity of each Cluster and Agency. As Clusters adopt this approach and transition their reporting and strategic planning towards a greater outcome focus, it is important that the outcomes being achieved work for all people within NSW, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This Report has the following key objectives:

  • to bring a greater focus on First Nations outcomes across NSW Government agencies, using the Outcome Budgeting framework
  • to support a consistent approach to aligning Outcome Budgeting to the NSW Government’s commitment under Closing the Gap
  • to support strategic and evidence-based investment into First Nations communities; and
  • to draw out lessons and experiences from current approaches to First Nations outcomes that could help the NSW Government better direct focus towards cross-government outcomes.

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Last updated: 10/08/2022