The NSW Financial Management Framework comprises a suite of legislation, policies and procedures aimed at maintaining aggregate fiscal discipline, allocating resources in line with the Government’s strategic priorities and using Budget resources efficiently.

Provides information on finance capability and career pathway initiatives for finance professionals at all stages of their career.

Prime is the NSW Government platform used by Government Agencies to submit data for budget, performance monitoring and reporting.

Fiscal and Economic management includes budget performance, tax, revenue and productivity measures, intergovernmental relations, competition policy and regulatory reform.

Financial Accounting, Reporting and Audit includes information to assist in preparing and providing financial accounts, reporting and audit requirements.

Provides information on the State's key balance sheet items (financial assets and liabilities) along with supporting risk management materials and links to practical, operational sites.

This includes information to assist in financial and non-financial performance analysis and reviewing Key Performance Indicators  (KPIs) against targets.

This provides information on the budget process for NSW which outlines the government’s revenue and expenses for the coming year, provides an overview of the state economy, and details the priorities the government will deliver.

This provides information on the NSW Government capital investment and asset management framework, which addresses the planning, selection, funding, delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure.

This provides information and links to NSW State Government and Federal Government websites and information.

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