Australian state and territory treasurers established the Board of Treasurers in October 2017. The Board's role is to collaborate on issues of common interest, advance national reform priorities from a state and territory perspective, and foster more constructive and effective engagement with the Commonwealth government.

The Board is an independent and enduring body that upholds the sovereignty of state and territory governments within the Australian constitutional framework with respect to federal financial relations.

Key aims

  • Strengthen the federation partnership between the Commonwealth, states and territories to deliver more effectively on national reform priorities. 
  • Enhance the leadership role of the states and territories on the issues that matter most to the wellbeing of all Australians, such as the cost and provision of health, education and housing.
  • Improve understanding and cooperation among state and territory treasurers, helping each other achieve full potential and making the whole nation stronger.
  • Learn from each other by sharing information and best practices.


The treasurers of the six states and two self-governing territories are members of the Board of Treasurers. The Board’s chair rotates annually, supported by a permanent secretariat based in Adelaide. 

Board of Treasurers' website


Secretariat (2019 - South Australia): [email protected]

Last updated: 02/05/2023