The Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) was established in the Treasury Cluster in April 2022.

OECC is led by Deputy Secretary of Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability (ECCS) Rachel Parry, and Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo) Chief Executive James Hay, who each report to NSW Treasury Secretary, Dr Paul Grimes.

One of the central planks of NSW's economic policy agenda is ensuring the state leads the way on climate change and seizes the opportunities from the transformation to a new low-cost, clean energy economy. Establishing OECC within the Treasury Cluster enables the government to harness and leverage synergies and expertise across Treasury – and it opens up exciting new opportunities for Treasury to play a highly influential role in responding to the significant economic and environmental challenges.


The AdaptNSW website has been produced by the NSW Government to inform and empower communities, businesses, households and government to adapt to climate change.

Action by all sectors of society on climate change continues to grow as the effects and risks are becoming more evident, and we are confronted with more extreme weather events.

The AdaptNSW website is a source you can trust, that provides relevant, localised information to keep you informed and help you adapt to climate change.


EnergyCo NSW

EnergyCo is coordinating the development of the first five Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) and critical infrastructure across New South Wales. As the Infrastructure Planner for these REZs, EnergyCo works closely with communities, investors and industry to ensure the REZs are in the long-term interest of energy consumers, local communities and industry in NSW.

EnergyCo’s purpose is to maximise the benefit of the transition to renewable energy across New South Wales.

Energy NSW

Focus on renewables, government and regulation and industry. This website currently includes information on the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap and Renewable Energy Action Plan among other regulatory, legislative and informative content.


Connecting customers to energy programs, incentives and information that are being delivered under the NSW Government’s 2017-2022 Energy Savings Scheme.


GreenPower is 100% renewable energy available for households and businesses through most energy retailers in Australia.

Last updated: 02/08/2022