High-quality financial information is essential to support budgeting and resource allocation decisions. An effective internal control framework over financial systems and information protects the quality of financial information and ensures decisions are made based on accurate and reliable information. The requirement for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to submit an annual Letter of Certification was first introduced in 2010 to provide greater assurance to agency heads regarding the quality of financial information.

The CFO Certification on the Internal Control Framework over Financial Systems and Information (TPG24-08):

  • Applies to all GSF Agencies to support Accountable Authorities (AAs) in discharging their responsibilities under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018.
  • Sets out the requirement for CFOs to submit an annual certification to their AAs.
  • Recommends ways for CFOs to best design, implement¬†and continuously monitor and evaluate the internal control framework.
  • Supports implementation through the CFO Certification Policy Toolkit and Example Checklists, which provide further guidance and control examples in designing an effective system of internal control over agency financial information.

The TPG includes a copy of the certification template.

Last updated: 15/04/2024