If government information is not available through the mandatory open access pathway, members of the public have a right to request government information through an informal request process and, should this not work, a GIPA formal request for information process.

The GIPA informal request for information process differs to the formal request for information process in the following ways:

  • GIPA informal requests remove the red tape from disclosing information
  • GIPA informal requests typically do not involve fees or charges
  • if the GIPA informal request for information is declined, there is no legal right to a review

We make every effort to satisfy GIPA informal requests unless, on balance, it would be contrary to the public interest to do so.

If you make a GIPA informal request for information held by us and we determine that disclosing the information is not in the public interest, you will be informed of your right to make a formal access application under the GIPA Act 2009.

For further information, please see the FAQ links below: 

GIPA Informal requests for information arise when a member of the public is seeking to access information that:

  • does not fall into the category of mandatory open access
  • has not been proactively released

We tend to approve GIPA informal requests for information that do not raise any public interest concerns.

If you can't find the information you are looking for by browsing and searching our website, contact the Right to Information & Privacy Coordinator by sending an email to [email protected]



No. However, where it is not feasible to release the information for free (eg. because the volume is too great) we may invite the applicant to either view the document in person or make a GIPA formal request for information.

No. Under the GIPA Act 2009, we do not have to release information without a GIPA formal request for information. (This is otherwise called a GIPA formal access application).

Indeed, NSW Treasury reserves the right to require you to lodge a formal access application, particularly if:

  • there are significant public interest considerations
  • you request a large volume of information
  • it would otherwise take a significant amount of time to consider your request


We have some discretion.  For example, we can:

  • decide how information is released (eg by phone, email, letter, fax, or handed over in person)
  • place certain conditions on information released informally (eg no further copying of the document released)

We will provide you with a decision as quickly as possible.  If we can't provide a final decision within 20 working days, we will let you know when you can expect one.

No. There is no right of review if you are not happy with the outcome of a GIPA informal request for information. If you make a GIPA formal request for information, however, you will have review rights.

Last updated: 04/02/2021