Staying Ahead: State Infrastructure Strategy 2022-2042 

In May 2022, Infrastructure NSW released the latest edition of its 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS). This 20-year strategy sets out Infrastructure NSW’s independent advice on the current state of infrastructure in New South Wales and the needs and priorities of the State for the next 20 years and beyond.  

For the past decade, New South Wales has progressed an infrastructure investment program unmatched for generations within the State or elsewhere in Australia in its scale and transformational impact. 

The SIS sets six cross-sectoral strategic directions, including: integrated land use and infrastructure planning, asset management, resilience, digital connectivity and technology, and innovative service models.

The SIS sets nine objectives:  

  1. boost economy-wide productivity and competitiveness 

  1. service growing communities 

  1. embed reliability and resilience 

  1. achieve an orderly and efficient transition to Net Zero 

  1. enhance long-term water security 

  1. protect our natural endowments 

  1. harness the power of data and digital technology 

  1. integrate infrastructure, land use and service planning  

  1. design the investment program to endure. 

Each objective is accompanied by strategic directions and recommendations. 

How does the State Infrastructure Strategy inform Government investment decisions?

The SIS and its recommendations are a key consideration in the decision-making process for Government infrastructure investment, including through the annual budget prioritisation process. The Government’s infrastructure strategy, including its infrastructure investment priorities, is detailed in the Budget Papers each year.

Infrastructure NSW is currently developing the next 20-year SIS.

Further information on the SIS is provided on the Infrastructure NSW website.

Last updated: 02/03/2023