Our purpose

To help shape a thriving, resilient and sustainable New South Wales through public service excellence.


Our outcomes

Outcome 1: A strong, resilient and diverse economy

Outcome 2: A sustainable fiscal environment enabling delivery of outcomes

Outcome 3: Stewardship of the public sector performance and financial system


Our change priorities

  • Delivering an outcome focus across the sector
  • Developing and implementing innovative and strategic policy and service reform
  • A highly capable, collaborative and diverse customer-centric team
  • An agile, inclusive and future-focused Treasury


Our cultural pillars and behaviours

  • We gather broad input from our colleagues to solve problems.
  • We let people know when they’re doing a good job.
  • We think and act together with the people of NSW top of mind.
  • We apply rigour and excellence in developing solutions together.
  • We communicate early and regularly beyond our local team.
  • We treat each other with kindness, respect and honesty.
  • We welcome other points of view and capabilities. 
  • We consider all perspectives and place ourselves in the shoes of others.
  • We embrace change and respond quickly to stay ahead.
  • We balance work and life so we can be our best at both.
  • We review priorities according to required outcomes.
  • We are curious and agile in our thinking and approach.

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Last updated: 17/11/2022