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Documents Library

The documents library is an online repository of legislative and non-legislative publications issued by Treasury.

Treasurer's Directions are legislative publications with the TD prefix.

Other non-legislative instruments and publications are:

You can search or filter by topics in the documents library.

Administrative Requirements Portal(ARP)

Administrative requirements are whole of government administrative directions, policies, and guidance. They include Premier’s Memoranda and Departmental Circulars (Memos and Circulars). Central agencies can issue Circulars. The Premier issues Memos.

The Administrative Requirements Portal (ARP) is an online database of all administrative requirements across the government sector.

More information about Memos and Circulars can be found in the Administrative Requirements Framework (the Framework), which is a guidance document for the government sector prepared by The Cabinet Office.

Access the Administrative Requirements Portal at arp.nsw.gov.au.

Government submissions

NSW Treasury makes submissions to other government agencies on a range of issues and inquiries. Find out more.

Last updated: 16/04/2024