Open Government Committee

NSW Treasury is committed to transparent decision-making, consultation and collaboration with government, the public sector, and the community. One way we demonstrate this commitment by the proactive release of documents.

How does Open Government fit with the Right to Information?

The proactive release of documents is in addition to the public’s legislated right to access government information. The Right to Information is explained fully on another page of this website.

How does Open Government work in Treasury?

Treasury produces high-quality documents and data which are of value to government, other agencies, businesses and the community.

Our Open Government Committee – with membership across the organisation – reviews documents created by staff and recommends their suitability for public release.

The Open Government Committee investigates Treasury’s use of new modes of communication and the way Treasury makes information available to the public and other stakeholders.

Committee members are active participants in the Open Government Community of Practice Steering Committee, as well as in the Community of Practice.

Documents approved for release are published on this website, on or other appropriate outlets.

Our charter shows the purpose, scope and procedures governing the Open Government Committee. It also lists the current membership.

When was the Open Government Committee established?

Treasury’s Open Government committee was established in April 2013 following the release of the Premier’s Memorandum on Open Government (M2012-10) .

However Treasury has had a long-standing policy of proactive release in its application of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). Under the GIPA Act an agency is authorised to make any government information it holds publicly available unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure [Section 7 (1)].

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