1998/99 Budget Papers are available in Word RTF and Acrobat PDF format. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from Adobe's Web Site.


  1. Budget Speech:
    The Treasurer's speech highlighting the Government's Budget strategy and key features of the Budget.

  2. Budget Information:
    Includes discussion on Budget trends, in-depth analysis of the economic background to the Budget and a detailed outline of Budget receipts and General Government Sector agencies' total expenses and asset acquisition expenditure. Information is also provided on interstate financial comparisons, on Commonwealth/State financial relations and on the finances of the Public Trading Enterprise Sector and the Total State Sector.

  3. Budget Estimates:
    Operating Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Statement of Financial Position for each General Government Sector agency. Net cost of services is also shown for Budget-dependent agencies in program format. Information is provided on outputs (goods and services) for the majority of service delivery and regulatory agencies. Outcomes information is also published for a number of those agencies.

  4. State Asset Acquisition Program:
    Details of asset acquisitions by General Government Sector agencies and Public Trading Enterprises.

  5. Appropriation Bills:
    The Bills presented to Parliament seeking appropriations for the Legislature, certain statutory bodies and all other Budget dependent agencies.






For further information about the New South Wales Budget Papers, contact the New South Wales Treasury, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney 2000 or email to contact@treasury.nsw.gov.au, NSW Treasury.