Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy

Corporate governance - which refers broadly to the processes by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account - matters in the NSW Public Service. Effective corporate governance arrangements are essential to the performance, integrity and transparency of public sector organisations.

The Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy for the NSW Public Sector was issued in 2009 to strengthen internal audit, risk management and governance processes across the NSW public sector and promote the integrity of, and accountability for, the allocation and management of the State’s resources. The Policy has since been reviewed and an updated Policy was released in 2015. A copy of the updated Policy is available here.

The Policy implemented key recommendations of the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s (DPC) Performance Review of the Internal Audit Capacity in the NSW Public Sector. The Review’s key recommendation was to strengthen the “whole of government” policy and regulatory arrangements for the governance of internal audit and risk management.

Guidance on Shared Arrangements

Attestation and reporting requirements for the Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy 


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