The ISFU specialises in providing commercial and financial advice to Government on procuring service enabling infrastructure with a capital cost over $100 million across all sectors and agencies.


The ISFU is responsible for:

  • NSW PPP Guidelines (TPP17-07) and ensuring that all PPP projects in NSW comply with the requirements of these Guidelines
  • promoting and ensuring best practice PPP procurement processes
  • maintaining expert capability in outcomes-based and PPP procurement for agencies to draw on
  • supporting government agencies with all aspects of planning, procuring and managing PPP contracts
  • advising agencies when they are negotiating or agreeing material contractual or commercial changes to existing PPP Projects - as required by TC15-16
  • supporting the development of outcomes-based procurement capability (including capturing lessons learned) across the sector
  • representing Treasury on governance committees for PPP or other complex infrastructure initiatives over $100 million
  • reporting to the Treasurer and Cabinet on the procurement of PPP projects across the sector.


The Infrastructure and Structured Finance Unit can be contacted by email [email protected]


Last updated: 14/04/2022