Commissioning is an approach to delivering better services, better outcomes, and better value for the people of NSW.

As the NSW Government moves towards outcome budgeting across the sector, Commissioning NSW, in NSW Treasury, remains a centre of excellence to support a whole-of-government approach to commissioning by partnering with NSW government agencies, private and social sector organisations, people and communities.

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About Commissioning NSW

Commissioning NSW partners with other teams and agencies across NSW government who commission and provide services, with private and social sector organisations delivering services on behalf of Government, and with people and communities we want to serve.

Our team is responsible for supporting the development of commissioning capability across Government by:

  • building and maintaining expert capability in commissioning, for agencies to draw on to provide specialist support and advice for the commissioning of services;
  • partnering with agencies to deliver, co-lead or lead commissioning projects and to identify services that would benefit from a commissioning approach;
  • maintaining the whole-of-government NSW Government Commissioning and Contestability Policy and Practice Guide and ensuring that agencies adhere to the requirements set out in the Policy; and
  • representing Treasury on governance committees for commissioning initiatives.

Our team has four practice areas that collaborate to support agencies:

1. Human-Centred Design

The goal of our Human-Centred Design (HCD) team is to design with people and communities to achieve what matters to them. We use qualitative user research, facilitated workshops, prototyping and user testing to support community, our partners and senior decision makers design better services, processes, contracts and more.


2. Partnerships

Our Partnerships team offers commercial and financial advice to agencies on the delivery of complex projects, including the design, implementation and management outcome-based contracts and tender processes. We also run a ‘Commissioning Contract Managers Community of Practice’ (comprac) to build commercial and contract management capability across the public sector.


3. System and Market Stewardship

Our System and Market Stewardship team aims to foster vibrant, sustainable, and high-performing service ecosystems, in areas ranging from educational services for at-risk students to the development of a sustainable waste strategy for NSW. We work with agencies to build a system vision, architecture and incentives, and ongoing monitoring and management, to achieve system outcomes.


4. Social Impact Investment

The Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) collaborates with passionate and innovative partners in the public, private and not-for-profit sector to tackle major social challenges by testing, investing in and measuring new ways of amplifying social impact. We have implemented eight investments, representing $235 million in outcomes-based contracts spanning family restoration, mental health, homelessness and youth unemployment. We are committed to working in partnership to create long term social impact, be it through SII, or more broadly through social enterprises, social procurement, or sustainability bonds. Visit the OSII website for a comprehensive suite of information including current opportunities, policies, guidelines, tools and resources.


Contact us

We are always looking to share ours and others’ practice and experience with the rest of the public sector. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you would like to talk to us about opportunities to collaborate. 

Last updated: 08/07/2021