Bringing into focus the humans in the Commissioning process

Author: Sarah Hurcombe Commissioning is about humans, their hopes and dreams and the way they view the world. Don’t believe me? Well, humour me and let me explain a little of what I mean by this statement.
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Untangling the Commissioning Noodle Soup

Author: Ben Ackland Should we be commissioning internal and external providers in a similar way? Commissioning is often associated with ‘outsourcing’ service provision to non-government providers. However, in most social service systems, government plays a role as a provider. Adopting a more consistent approach to managing relationships with both internal (government) and external (non-government) providers has the potential to improve outcomes for the people of NSW.
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Welcome to the Commissioning Community of Practice Blog

Author: Sarah Hurcombe We’ve started a Commissioning Community of Practice blog to share learning, to open up dialogue beyond our walls and seek feedback on our commissioning approach from other government agencies, non-government partners and community.
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Last updated: 01/11/2019