Joining a new organisation brings a range of emotions, from the pure excitement of becoming a part of something new, to a sense of the unknown.

At NSW Treasury we carefully manage your onboarding from the moment you receive your offer letter right through to your first day of work...and beyond. 

You will have access to a range of learning material and the opportunity to understand who is in your team and the expectations of your role.


Take control of your career

We are strongly committed to growing and developing our people and believe that learning should never stop. We offer our people a wide variety of development options (including self-guided learning, mentoring, coaching, on-the job, secondments, tertiary support and more) to help you manage your performance and development. You will work closely with your leader to help you reach your development goals.

Get some insights into some of our people’s career stories.


Creating the leaders of the future

NSW Treasury has leadership development pathways to guide you in developing your leadership capabilities at every stage of your career. Through a mix of self-paced, online learning and workshops, our formal programs help you learn how to lead and influence others. You also have many opportunities to stretch out of your comfort zone and apply your skills in new ways through our coaching, mentoring programs, work assignments and secondments.

Last updated: 01/07/2022