NSW Treasury Research Papers

TRP16-1  Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2015-2016  March 2016 
TRP14-1 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2014-2015 December 2014
TRP13-2 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2013-2014  December 2013 
TRP13-1 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2012-2013 January 2013
TRP11-1 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2011-2012 November 2011
TRP10-2 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2010-2011 December 2010
TRP10-1 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2009-2010 February 2010
TRP09-3 Employment support estimates - methodological framework November 2009
TRP09-2 Interstate Comparison of Taxes 2008-2009 May 2009
TRP09-1 NSW Public Private Partnerships Policy – An Evolution March 2009
TRP06-1 Eastern Creek Alternative Waste Treatment Facility Project: Post-Implementation Review September 2006
TRP05-3 New Schools Privately Financed Project Post Implementation Review December 2005
TRP05-1 Performance of NSW Government Businesses 2003-2004 September 2005
TRP04-3 Procurement Planning Program 2003-04 Report October 2004
TRP04-2 Performance of NSW Government Businesses 2002-2003 June 2004
TRP03-1 Performance of NSW Government Businesses 2001-2002 May 2003
September 2002
Service Costing in General Government Sector Agencies - Superseded by TPP07-03
July 2002
March 2002
TRP01-1 Performance of NSW Government Business 1999-2000 February 2001
NSW Government Green Paper Working with Government - Private Financing of Infrastructure and Certain Government Services in NSW. This paper is prepared jointly by NSW Treasury and the Premier's Department. It is available on the "Working with Government" website November 2000
TRP 00-1 Performance of NSW Government Business 1998-99 March 2000
TRP 99-5 Profit Composition Analysis December 1999
TRP 99-3 The Case for Payroll Tax September 1999
TRP 99-2 Performance of NSW Government Business 1997-98 May 1999
TRP 98-3 Survey of Contracts for Services in the NSW Public sector, 1996-97 April 1998
TRP 98-1 Performance of NSW Government Business 1996-97 February 1998
TRP 97-10 The Economic Impact of the Sydney Olympic Games November 1997
TRP 97-9 Performance Measurement and Resource Allocation November 1997
TRP 97-8 Efficiency Progress in the New South Wales Government November 1997
TRP 97-4 An Assessment of the Impacts of Restructuring Payroll Taxes May, 1997
TRP 97-3 Using Performance Measures to drive change within the Public Sector March, 1997
TRP 97-1 Performance of NSW Government Businesses 1995-96 February, 1997