The practice of Internal Audit and Risk in the Treasury Cluster


From 1 July 2015, TPP 15-03 has replaced TPP 09-05 as the mandatory policy governing internal audit in the NSW public sector.

Accordingly, we are working through the documents on this site to update them.

The ‘Links’ button will take you to the home page for the new statewide policy TPP 15-03, as well as other useful sites.

Terms of Use

This is the webpage of the branch which is Treasury’s practitioner of internal audit. Audit and risk policies (such as TPP 15-03 and the Risk Toolkit) are made in a different Division of Treasury and can be found by pressing the 'Links' button on this page.

The tools and templates on this site are some of the documents we use, in the Treasury Cluster, to plan and implement risk management and internal audit. We make every effort to ensure they are current and compliant with relevant policies and standards, but we do not provide a guarantee.

If you wish to use any of them you are welcome to adapt them to your own agency’s needs; however it then becomes your responsibility to ensure that the end product is up to date, compliant and fit for your purposes.

Acknowledgments: In developing these documents Treasury consulted other administrations, some of which you will find under the 'Links' button. We extend thanks to all of them.