What we do - our planned services

Fiscal and Economic Group

The Fiscal and Economic Group provides policy advice to the Treasurer and other government agencies on economic conditions and microeconomic reform, the fiscal outlook, and fiscal policy and credit rating issues.

The Group also provides advice on revenue and expenditure strategies and policies, taxation and intergovernmental financial relations, public sector financial framework reforms and accounting policy, and the management of debt, superannuation, self-insurance and other liabilities.

The Fiscal and Economic Group coordinates preparation of the State Budget, Half-Yearly Review and annual Total State Sector Accounts.

Agency Budget and Policy

The Agency Budget and Policy Group contributes to a strong and sustainable financial and economic environment in New South Wales by supporting the Government’s fiscal strategy. Agency Budget and Policy is the key interface between Treasury and public sector agencies on financial and policy matters, and it oversees the recurrent and capital expenditure of the general government sector.

Among other things, the Group provides high quality advice to Government on all portfolio matters in the preparation and monitoring of the State Budget. The Group has five Divisions:

  • Transport, Infrastructure and Planning Division Projects
  • Health and Justice Division Projects
  • Education, Families and Communities Division Projects
  • Natural Resources and Government Services Division Projects
  • Fiscal Effectiveness Office and Centre for Excellence Division Projects.

Commercial Group

The Commercial Group provides commercial policy advice, oversights the performance of the commercial sector of Government, manages major Government transaction and structures arrangements for the private financing of public infrastructure.  

The Group undertakes shareholder monitoring of State Owned Corporations and shareholder governance functions and identifies areas for better management of the State’s commercial assets.

It also undertakes scoping studies for major transactions and their relationship with public policy and regulation and manages the execution of transactions.

The Commercial Group fosters private sector involvement in major capital projects through innovative financing structures and allocation of risk. It monitors the compliance of projects with major Government risk and provides advice on opportunities to better manage the State's assets and liabilities. It also advises on property purchases and sales and other areas of commercial asset management.

Industrial Relations

NSW Industrial Relations (NSW IR) works to ensure NSW private sector businesses comply with their responsibilities under NSW industrial relations laws, including NSW laws regulating long service leave, the entertainment industry, transport and taxi industry contract determinations, shop trading hours and public holidays; and ensures compliance with the NSW Guidelines for construction procurement. As part of its compliance activities NSW IR provides a comprehensive education program, including workshops and presentation, and has a dedicated unit to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in NSW understand their rights and responsibilities as employees, employers and managers.

NSW IR provides strategic policy and advice to the Government on both private and public sector industrial relations issues and actively participates as a partner in the Commonwealth’s national workplace relations framework. It supports public sector agencies on industrial relations matters and represents the Secretary of The Treasury, as the employer, and the Minister for Industrial Relations in proceedings before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and Fair Work Commission.

The Long Service Corporation administers long service leave schemes for workers in both the building and construction, and contract cleaning industries in NSW.

Corporate Group

The Corporate Group delivers services to Treasury across a range of corporate areas including finance and administration, human resources, information management and technology, executive and ministerial services, communications, project management, corporate planning and risk management.

The Corporate Group provides leadership for strategies, structures and tools that promote a high performance culture and a capable, change-ready workforce.